Open Petrol & Gas SA is operating in the marketing and distribution of liquefied gas in bulk through the Greek Refineries and external companies, as well as in bottling services which are carried out at its premises in the Region of Western Greece, the Municipality of Messolonghi and Ano Liossia in Athens.

Open Petrol and Gas SA is engaged in the import, export and trading of oils and lubricants of all types, with exclusive branded products.

It also provides services for storage and distribution of petroleum products on behalf of third parties (logistics).

In exclusive partnership with Open Fuel Energy SA, the R&D Department, a group of highly specialized Mechanical Engineers, is handling projects for the design and build of retail outlets under our Brand or any Private Label. Additionally, it handles the procurement of technological and mechanical equipment.


Objective and vision

OPEN PETROL & GAS S.A. aims to maintain its presence next to the modern consumer and to effectively meet all his needs with a human face and respect for the environment.

Our long-term strategy is to continuously upgrade our services, to respond to the changing needs of the market and to differentiate ourselves from competitors at all levels.

The day-to-day operation of the company and its partners is characterized by abiding to the rules of the Company’s General Business Principles and Code of Conduct, which aim at the application of the principle of sustainable development, development of a framework for health, safety and environment, in compliance with the current legislation. We also aim at the development and implementation of a sustained corporate social responsibility program that listens to the contemporary problems of our society.

Our vision and mission is to provide innovative leading energy products and services, in both Greek and international markets.



We always act honestly and fairly. We honor our promises. We earn the trust of our customers, our colleagues, our community and our shareholders through the quality of our work and our high ethical standards. Integrity is our rule.


We commence with real knowledge and skills in the field in which our company operates, aiming at taking advantage of every opportunity presented to us for the benefit of our customers. The human capital, which is at the heart of our company, works having as its basic goal, this particular purpose.


We take responsibility for our actions and keep our “promises” without any compromise on our standards. Every move we make is recorded to analyze and manage risk, making decisions that we are proud of.