Delivery Speed: • Standard Speed (Gasoline/Diesel): 45-50 L/min • High Speed (Diesel): 60-90 L/min • Very High Speed (Diesel): 120 L/min Suction Type Measuring Accuracy: • ±% 0.25 Price & Volume Indication: • Price: 6 digits 0.01-99,999.9 • Volume: 6 digits 0.01-99,999.9 • Unit Price: 4 digits 0.01-999.9 * Decimal places is possible to change according to each local specification Size of Display Character: • Price Readout: 30H x 135W mm • Volume Readout: 30H x 135W mm • Unit Price Readout: 30H x 94W mm Electronic Unit: • RS485 & Currentloop Communication option. Menu system that can be used in 2 different languages (Tr & Eng). Electronic calibration (in grams). Compatibility with all cash registers in the market. Capability to operate with all Automation systems. 1-wire and 2-wire special communication system. Card design compatible with EMC Tests. LCD display system showing fault codes, program menu, codes and explanations. Color of display character: • Black characters with LED backlight (LCD) Reset: • Automatic Reset Totalizer: • Electronic: 10 digits 99,999,999.99 • Liters (Displayed on counters) Electromechanical Totalizer: • Electromechanical totalizer: 7 digits 99,999.99 Keypad: • Membrane or metal type available and robust keyboards with 16 keys Pulser: • 2x50 or 2x100 – (4,5/15) v dc Pump (Suction Type): • Internal Silent Gear Pump with air separator, with by-pass system, suction filter and suction check valves Meter: • 2-Piston or 4-Piston Type Positive Displacement Meter Flow Control Valve: • Preset system, two steps and proportionally • Ex-proff Solenoid valves Motor (Suction Type): • Explosionproof, Continuous duty motor with 3-Phase 0,75 kW (380 V) 1-Phase 0,75 kW (220 V) Filter (Submersible Type): • Particles and water holder filters Hose: • ¾ or 1” static conductor and flexible specially hoses for the liquid fuel Nozzle: • ¾ Automatic stop nozzle Swivle: • Easy using, straight and Z type Swivle