General: • Fast data flow with RFID technology. OPW gun usage. Unit price and data screen. Net visual angle. Classical desk design. Panel Electronic front panel supported with visual designs. Design providing Net visual angle. Hydraulic Simple hydraulic component. Excellent broody, excellent pulser, excellent solenoid. LCD Panel Graphic or TFT screen. Net and lively image. Transition to color screens. • Electronic unit designed by the latest technology. Robust desk produced with galvanized tin. Compatibility with Automation, payment registration systems and every kind of (PC or Satellite) multimedia systems. Production with pressure or aspiration. Capability to operate at -30 / +80 ºC and %95 relative humidity. ± 0,5 % sensitivity. Engine: • 380 ACV /50 Hz Three phase and220 ACV mono phase. Protected Against overload, ex -proof, 0.75 kW Engine. Metre: • In all of our pumps, metres with pistons, with positive replacement, sensitively adjustable, with + -0.0025 (2.5 in thousands) measurement sensitivity. Centrifuge In our aspirated pumps there are centrifuges with positive replacement, revolving type, with air separator, adjustable by pass valves, with integrated aspiration filters over, V -belt impulsion, and with flows in between 50/80/120 minutes. Totalizator: • In our pumps in addition to 10 digits of litre, money, shift litre and shift money electronic totalizator, also 7 digits electromagnetic totalizator are used. Electronic Unit: • Compatibility with CANBUS technology. Feature to deliver fuel From 2 guns at the same time. USB port support. Feature to be programmed over card. RS485 and Currentloop Communication option. Feature to 10 digits electronic total hold. Menu system that can be used in 4 different languages (Tr, En, . Automatic electronic calibration (in grams). Compatibility with all cash registers in the market. Capability to operate with all Automation systems. 1 -wire and 2 -wire special communication system. Card design compatible with EMC Tests. Keyboard: • Membrane or button type available and robust keyboards with 16 keys.